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Landcom reports on feasibility of Build-to-Rent projects - Jul 2019

A recent report by Landcom Build-to-Rent in Australia: Product feasibility and potential affordable housing contribution(July 2019) looks at the feasibility of build-to-rent (BtR) developments in light of current market conditions and policy settings.  Recent changes to tax treatment of income from Managed Investment Trusts (MIT) is likely to have a significant impact for foreign investors. 

Partner, Margot King and Senior Associate, Samantha Gou review the highlights of that report and the MIT changes.

The 2018 Security of Payment Amendments arise from the Dead! - May 2019

After falling victim to the NSW election caretaker period, the 2018 Security of Payment amendments have risen from the dead, with the corporate veil to be drawn back faster than previously telegraphed. 

Landlords and tenants getting hot under the collar over air conditioning - May 2019

Tenants of commercial premises in Australia rely heavily upon the use of air conditioners to ensure their comfort, health and safety whilst at  work. In a previous decision, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found that a landlord’s failure to repair an air conditioning unit amounted to a repudiation of a lease by the landlord thus allowing the tenant to terminate the lease.  This decision has now been reversed by the Supreme Court of Victoria.  

Judd Last, Partner considers the decision of Pepper Property Group Pty Ltd v S 3 Sth Melb Pty Ltd [2019] VSC 41.

Major Reforms for Natural Resources Proposed Under the New 'Landscape South Australia Bill 2019' - Mar 2019

Landscape South Australia Bill 2019 to repeal the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

The Bill aims for greater community involvement in natural resource management and the recognition of climate change impacts on the environment.

Kathryn Walker, Partner, and Kerri Hooper, Law Graduate, discuss the key points of the Landscape South Australia Bill 2019.

Exercising an option out of time – tips for landlords - Mar 2019

An option to renew or extend a lease for a further term is a common feature in retail and commercial leases. Options usually require the tenant to provide the landlord with written notice requesting the renewal within a prescribed timeframe. Generally, if the tenant issues the notice within the prescribe timeframe and complies with any other conditions pertaining to the exercise of the option, the tenant will be entitled to a renewal of the lease for the relevant option period. Partner Adam Rinaldi discusses. 

New protections when buying residential property off the plan - Mar 2019

The Conveyancing Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (NSW) (Amending Act) is set to better regulate sales of off the plan residential property in New South Wales. In particular, the Amending Act will:

  • improve the level of disclosure that vendors must make to purchasers; and
  • make it easier for purchasers to rescind contracts for sale. 

Partner, Timothy Coleman, and Lawyer, Brianna Smith consider what these changes will mean for both vendors and purchasers.

Amendments to the Conveyancing Act: Sunset Clauses - Jan 2019

The Conveyancing Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (NSW) (Amending Act) has been passed by both houses of Parliament in a bid to improve the level of protection afforded to consumers who purchase residential property off the plan.

Partner, Timothy Coleman, and Lawyer, Brianna Smith, consider how these changes will make it more difficult for vendors to rely on sunset clauses to rescind contracts for sale.

New Directors’ and Officers’ exposure to personal liability under Security of Payment Legislation in NSW - Dec 2018

Last week the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Act 2018 (Amending Act) was passed by both houses of NSW Parliament. The suite of changes cover many aspects of payment behaviour on construction and related procurements in the Premier State. Partner, Robert Riddell and lawyer, Brianna Smith consider the new exposure this presents to Directors and Officers of construction companies.

Proposed amendments to South Australia’s retail lease legislation - Jan 2018

Following an extensive review process, the Retail and Commercial Leases (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2017 (SA) has passed through the House of Assembly and is presently awaiting consideration in the Legislative Council of the South Australian Parliament.

Circumstances in which a real estate agent may be liable for misrepresentations to a purchaser - Sep 2017

The decision of the Supreme Court of Queensland in Makings Custodian Pty Ltd & Anor v CBRE (C) Pty Ltd & Ors [2017] QSC 80 relates to a dispute concerning the sale of a shopping centre. The decision is relevant to real estate agents, vendors and property managers and provides authoritative commentary as to the limited effectiveness of disclaimers in erasing the effect of the representations which are later found to be incorrect. Senior Associate, Adam Rinaldi discusses.

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