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Hands off: Internal investigation documents and freedom of information - Feb 2018

The purpose of the Freedom of Information Act 1985 (Vic) (Act) is to access to information as much as possible.  However a recent decision affirms that the exclusions under the Act extend to protecting operational employees’ testimony taken as part of investigations and ensuring future potential witnesses will contribute to internal investigations. John Evans, Lawyer and Tim Lange, Partner discuss the impact of Country Fire Authority v McGregor (Review of Regulation) [2017] VCAT 582 for organisations subject to the freedom of information framework.  While “employee records” exemptions exclude many private sector employers, public sector and volunteer workforces are within scope.

Data Breach Response Planning: Getting Down to Business - Jan 2018

In the recent articles, Piper Alderman has discussed the needs for organisations to put in place suitable policies and plans in place to address information security risks. The firm’s recent article 'Count down to the introduction of the mandatory data breach notification obligations' provided an overview of the new mandatory data breach notification regime which comes into effect in February 2018. If you are unaware of the new data breach notification regime or whether it applies to your organisation, you should review that article.

In this article, Tim Clark, Partner, and Andrew Barling, Senior Associate, outline some practical aspects for consideration by organisations to assist with data breach response planning under the new regime.

Count down to the introduction of the mandatory data breach notification obligations - Dec 2017

Jen Tan, Senior Associate and Liam Higgins, Lawyer discuss the incoming mandatory breach obligations that are soon taking effect, and outline the steps that you can take to prepare for these changes now.

Cyber Security: Be Aware. Be Prepared - Nov 2017

In this article, Jen Tan, Senior Associate, and Liam Higgins, Lawyer, and their team discuss the importance of understanding the cyber security threats that we face every day, and the ways in which protections can be put in place as a deterrent and to minimise the potential impact of cyber attacks

Are you compliant with the Privacy amendments? The OAIC provides its assessment one year on - Jun 2015

Tim Clark, Partner, and Philip Chow, Lawyer, outline the current position of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner a year on from Australia’s privacy reforms, and look ahead at what is next for privacy strategy and compliance for commercial organisations.

How changes to the Privacy Act 1988 affect you - Mar 2014

The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 has brought about important changes to the Privacy Act 1988. Partner, Florian Ammer and Partner, Tom Griffith discuss the changes that came into effect on 12 March 2014.

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