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Paid Parental Leave and double dipping - what will happen next? - Jul 2015

Partner, Erin McCarthy, and Lawyer, Eliza Hampton, look at the Federal Government’s Fairer Parental Leave Bill 2015 and what it means for employers.

Can an employer also be an employee? - Jul 2015

Professor Andrew Stewart analyses a recent case which highlights the different approaches that judges can take to determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contactor. He exclusively consults to Piper Alderman’s Employment Relations team.

Accrual of leave during workers compensation absence - Jul 2015

In our January 2015 Employment Matters, the Piper Alderman Employment Relations team considered the decision of the Federal Circuit Court in relation to the accrual of leave and workers compensation. Senior Associate, Ben Motro and Associate, Hannah Linossier, provide an update to that decision.

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