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FMD scheme changes enacted this week - Jun 2014

The FMD scheme is an income equalisation scheme available to primary producers. Taxation Specialist Will Fennell looks at changes to the scheme that will affect those in the agribusiness sector.

Introduction of the Farm Household Allowance - Mar 2014

Yesterday two new bills (the Farm Household Support Bill 2014 and Farm Household Support (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2014) were introduced into the House of Reps to implement the Farm Household Allowance, an income support payment for farmers and their partners in financial hardship. The allowance will replace the existing Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment, which was only available to farmers in regions experiencing exceptional circumstances, such as drought. The new allowance will be available without a drought or Exceptional Circumstances declaration. Taxation Specialist Will Fennell discusses the new bills.

Changes to FMD scheme ahead - Mar 2014

The “farm management deposits” (or FMD) scheme is a form of income equalisation which allows an individual carrying on a primary production business (including a primary production business carried on as a partner in partnership or as beneficiary of a trust) to carry over income from years of good cash flow and to draw down on that income on years when the cash is needed. Taxation specialist Will Fennell looks at the proposed changes.

GST sale of going concern and farmland exemptions to be abolished - Jan 2014

Taxation specialist Will Fennell reports on a recent announcement to abolish GST exemptions relevant to agribusiness transactions.

Government releases terms of reference for Agriculture White Paper - Dec 2013

On 9 December 2013, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce announced the terms of reference of the Agriculture Competitiveness White Paper, stating that the purpose of the paper would be to generate jobs, increase farm gate returns, investment and economic growth in one of Australia's key export industries.

What is the current status of FIRB thresholds for purchases of agricultural land? - Nov 2013

In light of ongoing publicity about foreign acquisitions of Australian agricultural land, Partner, Simon Venus and Law Graduate, Liberty Privopoulos look at the current status of the FIRB reporting requirements.

Mining Licenses - impact on mortgagors and mortgagees - Dec 2012

Special Counsel, Jacquie Browning offers a brief insight into the impact of mining licenses upon not only landowners as mortgagors but also upon financiers as mortgagees and offers some suggestions to ensure that all parties are not disadvantaged or adversely affected by such licenses. The relevance of the Personal Property Securities Act is also considered.

Farm Debt Mediation - Nov 2012

On 1 December 2011 the Farm Debt Mediation Act 2011 (VIC) commenced operation. Under the Act, a farm debt mediation scheme is implemented which makes it compulsory for banks and other creditors to offer mediation to farmers before commencing debt recovery proceedings against the farmer on mortgages. Special Counsel, Jacqueline Browning discusses the scheme, which is about to mark its first anniversary of operation.

Personal Property Securities Act 2009 - practical tips for Agribusiness - Jun 2012

Special Counsel, Jacquie Browning considers the application of personal property securities reform to the Agribusiness sector and offers some practical tips on the operation of the Personal Property Securities Act.

ASIC releases new disclosure guidance for agribusiness managed investment schemes - Mar 2012

ASIC has released a new regulatory guide with new disclosure benchmarks and principles for agribusiness managed investment schemes to assist retail investors to make informed investment decisions on these products. Partner, Craig Yeung and Lawyer, Jarrod Wilksch examine the new regulatory guide.

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