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16 Jan 2018

Piper Alderman now accepting Bitcoin payments

Distributed ledger technology is changing the world.  The rise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings have created new ways for businesses to raise significant amounts very quickly.  Regulation in this area is struggling to keep up with the technology, and increasing scrutiny from government is coming.  Taxation, privacy, anti-money laundering, corporate structuring and other regulatory changes all intersect around this new technology.

Many of our crypto-clients have expressed a desire to pay for legal services using cryptocurrencies.  We are proud to announce that we are the first major Australian law firm to accept payments for invoices using Bitcoin.

Piper Alderman’s Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Group are passionate about the power of change brought by distributed ledger technologies.  We bring together our lawyers’ experience in software development, corporate law and regulation to provide expert technical and legal understanding for our clients.

We advise start-ups and established businesses in how to best leverage blockchain while managing the legal issues arising from this exciting new technology.  In 2017, we acted on Australia’s second biggest ICO for CanYa and we also advise a range of other clients who are operating in the cryptocurrency space, including for the development of cryptocurrency exchanges.  We regularly present on blockchain and distributed ledger technology topics around Australia.

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