Distributed ledger technology is changing the world.  The rise of blockchain technology has created new ways for businesses to seek greater efficiency, new business models and to disrupt incumbents.

The law and regulation in this area is struggling to keep up with technology, and it is critical that these new business models and system have early and considered input from advisors with a deep understanding of both the legal issues relevant to blockchain, as well as how the technology operates. Piper Alderman’s cryptocurrency & blockchain team are passionate about the power of change brought by distributed ledger technologies.  We bring together our lawyers’ experience in software development, corporate and commercial, taxation law and regulation to provide expert technical and legal understanding for our clients.

Issues around fundraising, licensing, taxation, privacy, anti-money laundering, corporate structuring and other regulatory changes all intersect around this new technology.

We help our clients thrive and tackle the unique challenges posed by cutting-edge technology and a challenging regulatory space.

We advise leading Australian blockchain companies, inbound international blockchain businesses, start-ups, cryptocurrency exchanges, FinTech and RegTech operators and established businesses exploring how to best leverage distributed ledger technology while managing the legal risks.  Our team regularly present on legal issues surrounding blockchain and distributed ledger technology topics at conferences around Australia and internationally.

Piper Alderman is proud to have become the first major Australian law firm to accept bitcoin payments for legal services and we will shortly expand this to include other cryptocurrencies.  We have strong relationships with trusted developers and other professionals with expert knowledge of assisting clients in the blockchain space

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