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Our lawyers are regularly asked to share their knowledge of current legal and industry issues and the impact of legislative changes at conferences, seminars and other events run by industry bodies, government and educational institutions around Australia and internationally. Piper Alderman's lawyers are speaking at the following upcoming events:

20 Feb 2019

Directors and Officers Duties and Liabilities Masterclass

Presented by Andrew Rankin, Partner, Brisbane.

20 Feb 2019 in Brisbane

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25 Feb 2019 - 27 Feb 2019

Employment Law Conference 2019

Effective contract drafting and implementation

  • Accentuating the importance of clear, unambiguous employment contracts
  • Determining the relationship between employment contracts and policies
  • Navigating post-employment constraints
  • Current employees, new contracts: effecting contractual change to meet new employment demand
  • Examining relevant case Law

Sydney: Ben Motro, Special Counsel, Piper Alderman - 27 February 2019
Melbourne: Tim Lange, Partner, Piper Alderman - 25 February 2019
Adelaide: Erin McCarthy, Partner, Piper Alderman - 26 February 2019
Brisbane: Ben Motro, Special Counsel, Piper Alderman - 1 March 2019

04 Mar 2019 - 05 Mar 2019

Responsible Lending and Borrowing Summit - Sydney

ROUNDTABLE | Useful data - is it a goldmine for some and land-mine for others?
Damir Cuca, CEO & Founder, Basiq
David Grafton, Consumer Credit Risk Adviser
Moderator: Andrea Beatty, Partner, Piper Alderman

The Responsible Lending & Borrowing Summit will be in its third year during a significant and an un-precedented year for financial services. With the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Service Industry Final Report due in February 2019, the summit will provide an opportunity to look closely at the royal commission’s recommendations whilst reflecting on lessons learnt.

2019 will sharpen focus towards better consumer outcomes and with the challenges ahead with open banking and comprehensive credit reporting implementation our financial institutions have one the toughest years ahead. With the level of scrutiny at an all-time high, greater digitisation and open banking will only further highlight the significance of trust for institutions.

The summit will provide a unique opportunity to reflect on the lessons learnt whilst creating necessary dialogue to pave the way towards better consumer outcomes.