Melbourne Dynamic Board Series

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Volatile business environments, demand for continual growth, greater stakeholder scrutiny, disruptive technologies and regulatory changes are just some of the pressures facing today’s boards. Now more than ever, boards need to prioritise their responsibilities by linking risk to value.

Facilitating the 2019 series is Beth McConnell of Beth McConnell Consulting.

Piper Alderman’s Melbourne office is delighted to launch the Dynamic Board Series 2019 to explore such questions. The series will provide you with the opportunity to engage with a variety of thought leaders on how they plan to steer their organisations through such issues.

Please RSVP to as many of the sessions listed below of interest to you. Places are limited so it will be on a first come, first served basis.

Programme Outline

Session 4: Leading organisations of the future – how do you get ahead of the curve?

Thursday, 21 November

Increasingly, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are having a direct impact on the economic and financial performance of companies.

  • How do you get ESG on a board’s agenda?
  • hat actions should a board take to ensure their organisation is a good corporate citizen?
  • What challenges do future technological advancement bring?
  • And how do you manage reputational risk in light of the increasing complexity of business?

This session will discuss what steps your board and executive team can take can to future proof your organisation and optimise ongoing performance.



Completed Sessions:

Session 1: Aligning strategy and operations - using board reports to enhance performance

Thursday, 14 March
How do executives best respond to the increasing emphasis and challenge placed on board reporting, with boards increasingly saying ‘How do I really know what is happening in my organisation?’

How can your board enhance its understanding of the opportunities, risks, performance and emerging issues for your organisation?

In this session, our panel discussed tips to ensure your board papers hit the mark in assisting board oversight, managing risk and strengthening the connection between your board and executive.

Session 2: Culture – as the driver of performance, conduct and innovation

Thursday, 30 May

Culture is increasingly recognised as critical not only to conduct and compliance, but also to performance.
Louis Gerstner, former Chair and CEO of IBM has said ‘I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.’

In this session, our panel discussed their thoughts on the key elements of a strong culture and how to enhance culture for success.

Panel members:

Peggy O’Neal, President – Richmond Football Club
Mark Valena, CEO – GMHBA Health Insurance Australia
Sally Farrier, Independent Non-Executive Director – AusNet Services
Alasdair McLean, Principal – Piper Alderman

Session 3: AGM season is coming – are you ready?

Thursday, 15 August

With AGM season approaching, early preparation is key. Ensuring that both the board and executive team have a thorough understanding of compulsory reporting requirements is a crucial element of the preparation process. But it’s also important to actively plan engagement with all your stakeholders. 

At this session, our panel will discuss tips for engaging with your stakeholders and preparing for success at your AGM, focusing on the likely major issues.

Panel members: