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Employment Relations National Seminar Series

The rise of social media in the workplace

Social media has become an integral part of the workplace landscape. It is a tool used to achieve many positive outcomes for virtually all businesses.

Social media allows rapid, low-cost and broad spread of messages. Social media’s virtues for the marketing of our businesses, can also be a medium to significantly damage businesses. It may provide a forum for employees to bully their colleagues, it can be a platform where an organisation’s confidential information gets inadvertently disclosed, it can also be a tool used to leverage an outcome in a collective or individual legal dispute.


Dynamic Board Series


Volatile business environments, demand for continual growth, greater stakeholder scrutiny, disruptive technologies and regulatory changes are just some of the pressures facing today’s boards. Now more than ever, boards need to prioritise their responsibilities by linking risk to value.

Save the date for our four-part seminar series designed to assist board members improve their performance and position their organisation to meet today’s challenges. Each session will feature a panel comprising prominent industry leaders and Piper Alderman industry experts.