Our program

.....is different from others


Rather than a short lived summer clerkship, we offer our clerks a two year program that may lead to a graduate position. Clerks work two days per week commencing from their penultimate year of study through to graduation. Our clerks progress quicker because of this ongoing experience.

We know that flexibility is key, so you get to choose the days you work each semester depending on your university timetable. We understand that as a student, you may have other commitments that require time away from work such as exams or exchange programs. Our range of leave policies allow you to apply for time off when you need it.

We pride ourselves on offering real work, real experience and real opportunity. Providing our clerks with the opportunity to participate in real legal work is important for their engagement and development. We don't recruit law clerks to become additional administrative assistants, but rather to offer real legal support to our lawyers and partners. You will be kept busy with legal research, drafting and attending court.


We recruit our graduates from our existing clerks, however from time to time we need additional graduates and will recruit outside of this. Keep an eye on our Current Opportunities page on our website or in CVmail for graduate opportunities.

In our Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide offices, graduates are matched to available roles that complement their strengths and legal interests. Our Melbourne office offers a unique experience whereby our graduates have the opportunity to rotate through our legal divisions, gaining experience in a number of different areas of law such as Dispute Resolution, Corporate, Property and Employment Relations.

We treat our graduates like the budding young lawyers you are. You will work on a range of projects alongside experts in each field of law and be given the best on-the-job training, experiencing real cases, meeting clients and attending court with our senior legal staff. We are committed to your legal career from the outset - we build upon the skills you gained as a law clerk, to ensure your continued development as a lawyer.

With flexibility paramount at this stage of your career, we offer a range of leave policies and options so that you can apply for time away from work when you need it, for exams and other study commitments.


Learning & Development Program

Our learning and development program is integral to ensuring that our clerks and graduates are ready to become admitted lawyers when they finish their university studies. The program consists of:

  • a tailored internal program concentrating on both legal and core business skills
  • on the job training from our partners and senior associates
  • practising your learned skill by doing real legal work like drafting and legal research.


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