Clerk and graduate experiences

Our clerk and graduate program offers real opportunities for career progression. Here's what some of our other clerks, graduates and new lawyers have to say on what makes Piper Alderman's program unique.

Nicole Wills

Lawyer, Adelaide


The best part of my experience as a law clerk has been the opportunity to continually grow and learn. Being able to assist experienced senior practitioners on a variety of matters and have direct client contact have been highlights. From day one you are actively involved in a wide range of interesting and challenging matters. Most importantly, you are given continual guidance and feedback from supportive and approachable supervisors along the way. I have been pleasantly surprised by how willing all the lawyers I have met are to mentor, guide and answer any questions I have had. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly - nothing like some of the horror stories you hear at law school!

Philip Chow

Lawyer, Melbourne

Philip Chow, Law Graduate

From my first day as a law clerk, and then as a law graduate, I have had the invaluable opportunity to be actively involved in a variety of matters in areas such as intellectual property, mergers and acquisition, and litigation. While the learning curve was steep, my colleagues have offered incredible support throughout every stage. The exposure to real work from the outset made my transition into a graduate role much less daunting. This unique experience has further assisted my university studies and places me in a great position to start my career as a lawyer. I would recommend Piper Alderman’s clerk and graduate program to students who are eager to have a challenging but rewarding start to their legal career.

Shauna Roeger

Law Clerk


After completing ‘Law of Work’ at university, I was fortunate to be offered a research assistant position by Professor Andrew Stewart, consultant at Piper Alderman. Shortly after a law clerk position opened up in the ER team, I haven’t looked back since! What I enjoy most about working at Piper Alderman are the people. As a clerk starting out for the first time in a professional environment it has been so heartening to find myself in such a friendly and supportive workplace. I feel so lucky to be working with some of the finest employment lawyers in the country.